Luxury items: give them a second life!

Do you want to indulge yourself with a pretty watch or with ready-to-wear pieces from big luxury houses? It became possible without having to pay for it, thanks to the second life of luxury items. We explain everything about this new way of consuming!

Do you want to indulge yourself with a pretty watch or with ready-to-wear pieces from big luxury houses? It became possible without having to pay for it, thanks to the second life of luxury items. We explain everything about this new way of consuming!

Buy a luxury watch at mini price!

Lovers of high-end products can rest assured that it is possible to buy a Rolex at a low price! But be careful not to buy it anywhere…. This is not about investing in a luxury watch that will turn out to be a poor quality counterfeit or imitation. To buy a used luxury watch of excellent quality, there are serious shops such as, which follow a strict process to ensure the authenticity of the products sold.

Authenticated luxury products

When a high-end product needs a second life, it goes through different stages so that we can authenticate with certainty that it is a branded object. The teams selling a Rolex watch take care of finding the details that guarantee that it is indeed a timepiece from the leading watchmaker. This type of object is often copied to be sold at a very high price. It is therefore necessary to be particularly vigilant and not to trust street vendors or resale sites that cannot provide a document that actually authenticates the product being offered for sale. The watches are therefore inspected with great care and are accurately listed to ensure their value.

Effective rehabilitation

After the expertise carried out, it is time to offer a second youth to the object that will be offered for sale. Many tests favour a careful analysis of the watch’s state of health. Some repairs are then carried out if necessary, so that the latter can regain its former lustre. Each watch then receives special attention from the team of certified master watchmakers.

It thus regains the precision of its mechanism. The frame is polished to remove scratches and other wear marks. After this special care, she is once again as elegant and sublime as she was when she was created. Second-hand luxury watches must be able to offer the same functionalities as when they left their original workshop. The accuracy of the watch is tested by master watchmakers and is also subjected to dives in water to check its water-resistance.

A new approach to consumption

We realize that it is time to change the way we consume and buy. Giving luxury items a second life is one way to buy better.

The turnaround of luxury brands

Consumers no longer want to buy, use and throw away. They have become aware of the state of emergency in which our environment is found. It is therefore time to act to stop the waste and harmful effects of our over-consumption. Giving luxury items a second life is a way to measure the quality of products and also to honour the work that has been done to produce them. Recovering an object that has already lived and giving it back its youth is a new dynamic that encourages the major luxury brands to act differently. It is important to produce high quality objects that can offer a very long life span. Recycling and resale have become essential actions for users, but also for major luxury brands.

New consumer expectations

It is understandable to want a Rolex watch, because it is a beautiful object, which also offers real precision. But buy it at a low price while doing a good deed for the environment, it’s even better! Consumers no longer want to pay a high price for a watch. This is why their refurbishment and resale to offer them a second life are more and more in vogue, and second-hand luxury watches are a commitment to sustainable development. Consumers no longer want overproduction and endless consumption. They seek to limit waste and turn more easily to the sale of second-hand products. It is no longer necessary to buy new items to enjoy yourself.

The upcycling trend

In this sustainable development approach, many practices are developing in parallel with the second-hand market. We are thinking in particular of upcycling. Even stars express their desire not to consume without thinking. So it’s up to us to get started too! After decades of consumerism, it is now time for more moderate and thoughtful purchases. A watch that has already lived has its own character. The object that had a first life is loaded with history. It is important not to oust him after a few years, even a few months!

Recycling, the re-sale of second-hand items and the sale of restored products are trends that have become essential. We rework the materials, clean, repair and resell them at an attractive price. The sale of second-hand products is a mandatory step for the well-being of our environment and to reduce our impact.

The diminishing purchasing power

With the years of crisis, it is also more complicated to buy a beautiful luxury item. You have to make choices to have a pleasant home, to pay for the children’s studies or to pay for a few days of holidays, so buying a second-hand luxury watch is a fabulous way to please or to please yourself!

It is also necessary to think about making some dreams come true if that is possible. And when the dream is a luxury watch, it’s easy to achieve by choosing a second-hand watch! For that, you have to choose a serious and professional second-hand watch site. Find products that are no longer on the traditional market. Offer a piece of jewellery or a luxury bag by making real good deals. You will make a sensation with your luxury gift, without being ruined!